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About me....


My name is Eva Laurent. I am 31 years old.


I am French, from the beautiful city of Bordeaux (Best red wine in the world ;) 


I am also a neuropsychologist for children with special needs

I was traveling around the world from October 2013 to August 2015...

22 amazing months!


During this travel, I fell in love with the cultural and arty Melbourne and I decide to stop here to do my PhD.

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Photography was only a hobby for me before he started to be my second job.

My passion about photography started with my love of travels. 

I fell in love with capturing people from all over the world.




Soon after, my friends began to ask me to photograph their families.



Since then I haven't stopped taking photographs of people.

And that how I started to capture families and weddings.

I love...

Dreaming; Hot air balloons; Travelling around the world; Ice cream (especially lychee-rose flavour); Falling in love; Autumn; Looking in the puddles; Coffee; Partying with my friends until 9am as if I had 18 years and drinking green tea while watching great movies the day after (Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Walter Mitty, Alabama Monroe, Amelie Poulain, Love me if you dare, Up, Wall-e, Mood indigo); Children doing silly things; Cheese and red wine; Languorous kisses; Kinder chocolates; Flower dresses with colourful tights; The smell of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts; Cherries, mango, kaki and grappes; Ferris wheel; Christmas time in Strasbourg; Beaches during winter; Putting my legs on the dashboard and singing during a road trip; Cotton candy; Picnic; Live music; Sleeping in the forest; Watching the stars; Trekking; Challenge myself; Having my head in the clouds; Adrenaline sports; Magic lights, Desserts...


I hate...


Inequality; Injustice; Arrogant people; Chocolate ice cream, Taking things too seriously; Pessimism; The smell of durians; Funfair music; Expensive cars; sound smart; Ketchup, mayonnaise and puree; Spending hours sunbathing on the sand ...



TThe Songs...


Wedding & Families


--> Weddings

         - Elena & Matt: CAAMP - Straberry fields

         - Fiona & Jack:

         - Alex & Tim:

         - Natashia & Richard:

         - Sabina & Jason:

         - Marianne & Michael : Generationals - Put a light on

         - Fred & Maud : Talisco - The Key

          - Hannah & Floyd :  Florence and the Machine - Never let me go


 --> About me

          - This page : Vanessa Paradis - Tu vois c'que je vois

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